Kaplowitz Reviews Martinez Flatiron

Kaplowitz Reviews Martinez Flatiron

Thanks to our friends at Kaplowitz to review our Flatiron # 2.

Here are some of their notes on the cigar:

“There’s something about this offering and the its Martinez Cigars New York City Blend, that make me suck on ’em like sucking was going outta style.”

“Leathery over-top suede a-top sunny dirt, with mounting honey citrus maltiness. Mulling spice piquancy with dashes of white pepper. Cedar sharpens through the nose. Something like a mild mocha latte hithers and thithers. Quite creamy. Draw saturates admirably. Seams hold nigh invisibly. Char requires a dos re-touchos. Smooth hand/mouf.”

For the full review please visit their site.

Kaplowitz Gives Martinez NYC Series a Grade A

Kaplowitz Gives Martinez NYC Series a Grade A

Our friends over at Kaplowitz Blog have given our NYC Series a Grade A

Here is some of what they had to say:

“Creamy lo not barnacle-building tobacco core presents as inherently but not overly sweet; balanced by a subtle piquancy of white pepper which turns to peppercorn through the schnoz, and a slight mulling spice with pronounced ginger lilt. Cedar, too, is exaggerated on the retro-hale, becoming seasoned. Diner cup a’ joe. Butterscotch is on-board. Roasted salt. Leather. Under-belly is dirt with some sweet influence via baccy. Finish is a rather surprisingly complex and lengthy affair of sweet sauce and red pepper flake carried on leathery oils. Smoke stays cool as a cuke on-down to the solid nub. Pass me my tooth-pick, please.”

For the full review click here.

5 Stars – Facebook


What a great find. The shop is an amazing little place with fantastic sticks rolled right on the premises. The owner, Jesus Martinez is an extremely knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing cigar maker. If you enjoy good cigars, and are anywhere near 7th and West 29th in NYC, stop in, its worth the trip…..hell….stop in even if you’re not close by……you won’t be disappointed.

~ Edward Warzycha

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Cigar Saveur Members Love Martinez!

Cigar Saveur Members Love Martinez!

Cigar Saveur is a new cigar tasting community that helps their members explore the wide world of cigars by introducing them to new cigars each month.  Each month their subscribers receive four cigars to enjoy and then they can rate them.

Here’s what they had to say about us on twitter:

One of the best cigars we’ve featured so far, according to our member ratings! Bet you’ve never heard of it huh?  @CigarSaveur

Blind Man’s Puff Review of Martinez Flatiron

Blind Man’s Puff Review of Martinez Flatiron

Our friends over at Blinds Man Puff recently did a review of our Flat Iron #2.  The mission behind Blind Man’s Puff is to create a web site to get a consensus on a cigar from multiple experienced reviewers without them knowing what they are smoking. Often people have preconceived notions about cigars, whether good or bad, based on their brand or preference. Sometimes people get stuck in the habit of only smoking certain brands they know they like, or are afraid to try new ones. The hope is that this blog will broaden smoker’s horizons and possibly get an appreciation for cigars they would have written off or not tried otherwise. There may also be surprises the other way, they may review a cigar that most people think is synonymous with greatness only to find it’s overrated.

Our Flatiron was reviewed blind (no bands) by a panel of 4 reviewers. They did not know what they were smoking beforehand. The scores are an average of all the reviewers’ scores.

The Martinez Flatiron #2 scored an 88 overall, making it a GOOD cigar according to their scale.

Here is what a couple of the reviewers had to say:

“This was a really great cigar to smoke during my annual camping trip. Wasn’t to light and wasn’t a pepper bomb. Perfect mix of flavors paired well with a few glasses of scotch by the campfire. These will not disappoint. Enjoy.” And “The draw was really nice on this cigar.  I used a straight cut and angled it which gave off a really good amount of smoke and flavor.” –Steve

“Well made with a nice shape, and no problem areas. Evenly constructed, with no soft or hard spots.”Derek

For the full in depth review, step by step from each reviewer click here.




5 Stars – Tripadvisor

5 Stars – Tripadvisor

“Ybor City in Manhattan!”
5 of 5 bubbles Reviewed August 26, 2016

Found this place through my Cigar Aficionado app. Walked in and bought a Don Antonio Escogido Robusto to try there. It was one of the smoothest cigars I’ve had in a while.

They roll them right there in the shop. Fabulous find for cigar smokers.

Walked out with 10. Signed up for their newsletter and now follow them on Facebook.

They ship too!

Now, if they only made mojitos!


If you would like to leave us a review on Tripadvisor please do so by clicking HERE.  Thanks!

Cigar Weekly – Blind Cigar Review – Excellent!

Cigar Weekly – Blind Cigar Review – Excellent!

We are very happy to have our cigars reviewed on Cigar Weekly, this time reviewed on their Blind Cigar Review Panel.  Cigar Weekly has a tradition of doing blind reviews of new and/or boutique cigars.  Here are the details of how they do the blind reviews from their site.

How it works: Cigar Weekly members volunteer for the task, and are asked to complete the review by smoking both samples within a two to three week window. They are requested to take copious notes, and then to enter their data into an online form.

The panel reviewed our Passion 550 cigar with no label or marking on it.  Each panelist goes into great detail in analyzing the cigars for their blind cigar review.  Just some of the important things they look at when doing their review is the construction, color, texture, the overall burn, ash and color as well the draw, strength and body of the cigar.  All of this is compiled from all the panelists added up and given an overall score on the performance of the cigar.

The perfect score for the overall rating for any cigar is a 50.

Our Passion cigar scored a total 39.8 out of 50!  Considered to be an Excellent cigar in their books and very nearly an Outstanding cigar.

Here is what the publisher had to say, “So there you have it, Followers and Fans – Blind Review 2016 number 003 is in the books!  And it’s a good one.  Seems like the folks over at Martinez have some very tasty cigars.  Perhaps we’ll be treated to another one later in the year!”

To read the full in depth review click here.

Cigar Weekly Reviews Martinez Flatiron Cigar

Cigar Weekly Reviews Martinez Flatiron Cigar

The fine folks over at Cigar Weekly have reviewed the Martinez Flatiron Maduro.  Cigar is a web site that has two primary functions and a multitude of great benefits. First they are to provide information for consumers and enthusiasts, and second to give manufacturers an outlet to let their fans know what they are up to, to announce new offerings etc.

The inspiration for the site came in the Fall 1997 issue of Smoke Magazine, Lew Rothman, then President of JR-CIGARS, wrote:

“…today’s premium cigar smokers are demanding more and more information about the cigars, and the people who make them. To the readers of this and other magazines, premium cigars are more than just a product; they are an insatiable passion.”

We are very happy to have them review the Martinez Flatiron Cigar.  Below is a briefing of their review.

“Martinez Cigar’s Flatiron Maduro is a handsome cigar. It has a dark brown Ecuadorian shade-grown Habano wrapper with a matte finish, and is very smooth to the touch. The binder is Nicaraguan Broadleaf. This is a finely constructed cigar, sporting a very sharp box press with tight seams, small veins and uniform leaves. The filler is a proprietary blend of 5-year-old Nicaraguan leaves.

Using the Cigar Weekly scoring system, here’s what I thought of the Flatiron:

Pre-light – 9
Light – 9
Draw – 9
Construction –9
Flavor – 8
Power – 8
Average – 8.67

The Flatiron continues to honor Don Antonio’s memory and tradition of crafting ultra-premium cigars. The Flatiron Maduro provides a rich, complex, and superiorly flavorful smoke that, as a small batch cigar, should cast a long shadow in the premium cigar world – an iconic past and a bright future ahead for Martinez Cigars.

I recommend it.”

To read the full review please click here.

Cigar Weekly Reviews Martinez Cigars


Cigar Smoke Gives New York City Flatiron Cigar 9 out of 10

Cigar Smoke

Cigar Smoke has reviewed Martinez Cigars’ New York City Flatiron Cigar.

Despite my skepticism about a cigar (or salsa) made in New York City, I am impressed with the Flatiron. After all, it isn’t about the location where the cigar is rolled. It is all about the leaf, the mastery of the blender, and the roller. Jesus Martinez has pulled together all of these factors into his cigars. His father, “Don Antonio”, brought back to the city what was once common, and Jesus continues with the now-rare legacy.

For the price, it is worth your time and money to smoke a Flatiron. And supporting a U.S. company and employer at the same time is a nice bonus.

For the full review please click here:



New York City Flatiron Cigar

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