Cigar Smoke Gives New York City Flatiron Cigar 9 out of 10

Cigar Smoke

Cigar Smoke has reviewed Martinez Cigars’ New York City Flatiron Cigar.

Despite my skepticism about a cigar (or salsa) made in New York City, I am impressed with the Flatiron. After all, it isn’t about the location where the cigar is rolled. It is all about the leaf, the mastery of the blender, and the roller. Jesus Martinez has pulled together all of these factors into his cigars. His father, “Don Antonio”, brought back to the city what was once common, and Jesus continues with the now-rare legacy.

For the price, it is worth your time and money to smoke a Flatiron. And supporting a U.S. company and employer at the same time is a nice bonus.

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New York City Flatiron Cigar