In Aging Cigars, a Newer Frontier

Jesus Martinez stands tall and thin, framed by the dark wood of plaques and pictures hung on every wall in Martinez Hand Rolled Cigars on 29th street and 7th avenue, a cubby hole next to a “Lottery Tickets Beer Sandwiches” corner store. Jesus smiles easily, his eyes a little watery, possibly from the pleasant, acrid smoke that doesn’t cloud the air but is nevertheless cloying the instant the door to his store swings open. He speaks quietly; it sounds like he says the store has been open four years. “Forty”, he repeats. The shop is ageless in the way that cigar stores are, filled with old artifacts — a signed photo of Bill Cosby, a seat cushion from a baseball game, paintings of family members holding cigars — hinting at bygone eras but not screaming out specifics. The customers that pop in to buy cigars and shoot the shit are both young and old. That smell, though, the odor of barnyard tobacco and creamy smoke: that’s so pungently ingrained that 40 years seems about right.

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NYC Factory Partners With Star Boxing

New York, NY July 25th, 2017  ABC 7

Martinez Cigars sponsors Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing. Partnership to debut on July 28th at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, NY at the Rock’n Fights.

Family owned and operated Martinez Cigars factory, based in NYC, has entered into a joint venture relationship with Joe DeGuardia’s, Star Boxing (Bronx-bred and White Plains, NY based). The relationship aims to promote both organizations and to enhance the overall experience for their respected fan bases throughout the greater NYC area.

Entrepreneur and attorney by trade, Joe DeGuardia, has promoted numerous successful boxing stars and world champions in his tenure as a boxing promoter. He has consistently been recognized as a leader in the field among his peers. DeGuardia’s expertise in the industry has even been called upon by the United States Senate to help formulate legislation in the boxing industry. He is also the President of the Boxing Promoters Association.

“I’m looking forward to this relationship,” says DeGuardia, “It’s great to work well-established local business with deep roots, and I believe they will be a great addition to our spectacular group of sponsors.”

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New York, NY May 20th – Manhattan Sideways


For thirty-nine years, this family-owned shop has been hand-rolling Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco into Ecuadorian and Brazilian wraps. The Nicaraguan tobacco, the clerk assured us, is arguably the best in the world. “People fall in love with Cuban cigars because we want what we can’t have.” This could be true – psychology 101 in a tobacco leaf.

For our crew, the cigars themselves, while fit for one’s greatest victories, are not the most amazing part of the shop. Rather, it is the experience of being there. In a small space at the back of the store, the rollers pull tubes of tobacco from stacks of wooden blocks and expertly shape dried leaves from giant bundles into just-so shapes to do their enveloping duty. When we asked the clerk if he could roll, he replied, “No, man, it’s like a language. You have to start when you’re little.” The sentiment is borne out in the mesmerizing motions of the rollers.

Up front, a group of regulars gather around blowing puffs of smoke from their cigars while chatting. The air reeks of yet-to-be-smoked cigars mingling with smoking ones of all sizes. Everyone gets along. Long-time friends mingle with new ones, brought together by a shared languorous pastime. And then there is the added treat of stopping by on a Saturday afternoon when people gather to play a serious game of dominoes.

Local NYC Factory Sees Boost in Online Sales


New York, NY – April 26, 2017 – ABC6 NEWS

Just off of busy Seventh Avenue in Manhattan is a family-owned factory where they have been making handmade cigars now for generations. This diamond in the rough is well known in the neighborhood as Martinez Cigars. It is tucked away in the Chelsea section of NYC, and this retailer has seen a major boost in their online sales over the last year.
Owner Jesus Martinez says, “My father started the business here in New York in 1974. At that time there were many cigar factories not only here in Manhattan, but all over the city and even the county.” With the cost of rents in NYC continuing to rise over the years, it has forced many operations to relocate or simply close up shop.
The Martinez family originally had two locations, one uptown in Inwood in the 1970s, as well as their current location on 29th Street and Seventh Avenue. Due to rent and overhead increases, Martinez decided to close the Inwood location and keep the 29th Street factory open. Today, this location supports four full-time rollers working five days a week, as well as a staff that places labels on the cigars and packages them in boxes for sale.

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NYC Cigar Factory Hosts Cigar Rolling Event for Men’s Health Event

Miami Herald November 3, 2016

New York City-based Martinez Cigar Factory is proudly participating in the Movember Foundation’s annual Movember campaign, by hosting a Movember cigar rolling event.  The Movember Foundation challenges men to grow a moustache, men and women to be physically active and move, or host a fundraising event.   All of which spark conversations and raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health.

On November 15h, Martinez Cigars will be hosting a Movember cigar rolling event to raise money for men’s health at their cigar factory in Manhattan.  For more details on the event, you can go to their event page.

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused solely on men’s health.  Men and women sign up at, and choose to Grow, Move or Host. Men start Movember 1st clean-shaven and grow only a moustache for the month.  Or men and women can commit to move every day during Movember or host an event. Participants get friends, family, or colleagues to donate to their efforts to change the face of men’s health.

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