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custom torch lighter

Custom torch lighters have become more and more popular over the years.  We’ve written a couple of articles about what is the best way to light a cigar and tips on toasting a cigar before lighting it both of which mention some of the benefits and downfalls of torch lighters.  For the purest out there who don’t want any unwanted residue in their cigars, a torch lighter may not be for you.   The concern most people have with a torch lighter is that the butane used to fuel it can sometime infiltrate the flavor of your cigar – and no one wants that.  However, there are some really nice custom torch lighters available now that minimize this issue and you should not be detoured from getting a high quality torch lighter.

As with most things in life you pay for you what you get.  And there is no exception when it comes to a custom torch lighter.  A good quality lighter will burn off the butane in a controlled way so that any unwanted residue is minimized in the cigar.  If you’re still a purest at heart then you would still benefit from the nice steady burn of a torch lighter that will make it quick and easy to light your cider sticks for your cigars.

custom torch lightercustom torch lighter


Finding a good quality torch lighter that can also be customized can usually be a challenge.  You often forsake the quality of the lighter for the monogramming.  Pictured above is a lighter we had custom done from Groovy Guy Gifts and it has stood up to our standards of a high quality lighter and it has our name on it to boot!  This particular lighter easily starts every time with a simple click and offers a nice clean burn with minimal fuel interfering with the flavor of our cigars.  This would make a great gift for someone or even a nice accessory for yourself this winter.  Groovy Guy Gifts have a excellent selection of great personalize items.

Are you going to add a custom torch lighter to your cigar repertoire?


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