Do you have to toast your cigar?

toast your cigar

To toast or not to toast – that is the question.  Whether or not to toast your cigar before lighting is a common question among cigars smokers.  One you probably asked yourself a few times when you first started smoking cigars.  Even though there is no hard and fast rule, the consensus is yes – it is the best practice to toast your cigar before lighting it.  Toasting your cigar before lighting does a couple of things to help you get the maximum enjoyment out of your cigar, see below for some helpful tips and reasons to toast your cigar.


Even Burn


When you begin to light your cigar slowly roll the tip of the cigar in the flame.  You want to make sure that the edges of cigar are completely burned.  You should have a light cherry on the edges while the flame is being applied to the cigar.  Once the flame is taken off the cherry will go down or completely go away.  Remember you’re not lighting your cigar here you are simply toasting it.  Once you have a nice even burn on the edges of the cigar you are set up to have a nice even burn for the remainder of the smoke.




Toasting the cigar before lighting and puffing on it increases the temperature of the tobacco slowly so that it will not overly burn the cigar.  This will reduce any unnecessary and unwanted burnt flavor that could arise from lighting the cigar right away.  It also minimizes the bitterness that can come through while you smoke and allow for the full body of the cigar to come through for the best experience.


If you decide toasting a cigar before smoking is not for you it’s not the end of the world.  But the majority of cigar smokers prefer this method because of the benefits discussed above.  One last tip on the subject, if you’re not going to properly toast the cigar it is recommended that you turn the cigar around in your mouth while you gently puff it and light the cigar.  This will help you set up for a more even and consistent burn for the entire life of the smoke.  Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy your smoke and have fun!


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