Cigar Tips: How to Get Your Cigar to Burn Consistently

cigar to burn consistently

Here are a couple of easy to use tips to get your cigar to burn consistently.  We all know there is nothing more frustrating than having an uneven burn to your cigar.  It’s important to have a consistent burn on your cigars to get the maximum flavor and enjoyment out of them.

First you want to make sure that you have chosen a nice fresh cigar, for more details on this please click here. You want your cigar to be fresh with no visible defects.  Next you want to get a nice even cut on the tip of the cigar.  This will help to make it much easier to get a nice even draw.  If the cut is off center or too small you will be drawing more from one side than the other or drawing too hard to get the air through a small hole.   This can cause an uneven burn which will affect the flavor by allowing more of burnt taste to come in with the draw as it gets hotter on one side than the other.

Next you want to make sure the cigar is lit well all the way to the edges.  You want to make sure to hold the lighter or match as close to the center as possible, and not too far underneath or on top.  If you get too far out on the edge it will cause an inconsistent burn on the outside wrapper and will only get worse you as continue to smoke.

Once you got your cigar cut correctly and well-lit, it’s time to set back and enjoy your smoke. Make sure you have a nice even draw each time.  The smoke should roll out easily without much effort.  If it goes out just simply relight it making sure of the steps above.

One of the most important things you can do between the draw is the slightly roll the cigar.  Gently roll the cigar between your thumb and index and middle fingers anywhere from a quarter to a half rotation.  This will ensure your cigar to burn consistently all around.  Heat rises, and if you leave the cigar in the same position the entire time, or for long periods, you will begin to notice a slight uneven burn that will gradually become more pronounced the closer you are to finishing the cigar.  There is no need to roll the cigar continuously while smoking, but something to do between every other one or two draws depending on how fast you are smoking the cigar.  If you are using an ashtray and not holding the cigar, then rotate the cigar just the same in the ashtray between puffs.

Having an uneven burn can cause the cigar to change flavor unexpectedly and taste like ashes.  It can also cause the cigar to get hot in your hand, burn your lips or your palate.  Needless to say, this can make even the best cigars unpleasant.  Using these tips to get your cigar to burn consistently will ensure a more enjoyable experience.


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