How to Hold a Cigar

How to Hold a Cigar
At some point we’ve all wondered how to hold a cigar.  Is there a proper way to hold a cigar?  Is there an expected etiquette to holding a cigar when in a cigar lounge or around other cigar aficionados?  Although there is not a cigar book on how to hold a cigar there are a few suggested ways to hold a cigar.

How to hold a cigar; like a cigarette?

You do not want to hold a cigar like a cigarette.  For most cigars out there this is just not comfortable for the smoker.  You will also notice that you will not have much control over the cigar.  Having control is an important part of smoking a cigar; not only because it is safer, but it is more relaxing.  The last thing you want to do is drop your cigar and burn yourself or someone next to.  It’s important to have a good hold of your cigar.  Holding a cigar like a cigarette, even the smaller ringgage cigars, just doesn’t look or feel right so if you have this temptation try to make an adjustment with a better grip.

How to hold a cigar; with index finger and thumb?

Holding a cigar between your index finger and thumb offers a good deal of support.  You want to apply a nice amount of pressure between your fingers so that you are in control of the cigar but be careful not to squeeze it too tightly.  Depending on the size of the cigar as well as your hands it is a good idea to use all four of your fingers lightly pressed on the cigar.  This is especially helpful while you are lighting the cigar for maximum control.  As you smoke down the cigar you will obviously need fewer fingers to hold it, so there is not hard and fast rules here.  However, using your thumb and index finger should provide the most comfort and control while you’re enjoying your cigar.

How do you hold your cigar?


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