Cigar Ashtray

Cigar Ashtray

Having a good cigar ashtray is a nice edition to your smoking experience.  Gone are the days of ashtrays on every counter in every room or in our cars – let alone a nice robust cigar ashtray.  And if you do see one around chances are good that it’s just for decoration.  This can be annoying, but also offer an opportunity to choose a nice cigar accessory.  In the comfort of your own home or favorite cigar lounge a nice ashtray is a must.  In today’s market there are many different ashtrays available with a variety of accessories to choose from.

What is a Cigar Ashtray?

Most ashtrays are small with a shallow base to hold the ashes from a cigarette, pipe or cigar.  A cigar ashtray is much more luxurious because it has nice large notches on the sides to hold a cigar comfortably.  It is also much deeper to hold more of the ashes.  The depth is important because you want to be able to rest your cigar so that it is balanced properly.  You don’t want your delicious cigar to roll out of the ashtray by accident.

What is a Cigar Ashtray made out of?

You will be able to find cigar ashtrays made out of wide range of materials.  One of most popular is glass then followed by ceramic and stone or marble.  You can also find metal and plastic ones as well.  Obviously, these are all fire retardant material and none is particularly better than the next, but it is something that you should consider in making a purchase for a luxurious cigar ashtray.

How to choose a Cigar Ashtray?

You know your smoking habits better than anyone, so it is important to consider what size of cigar you normally smoke.  If you like a Churchill then you should be looking for something that will easily accommodate a larger cigar.  If you like smaller shorter cigars then perhaps you could get away with something smaller.  Once you’ve determined what size you are looking for its all about the aesthetics.  Where will the cigar ashtray be placed?  What are the colors and décor of the lounge, study or man cave?  A glass cigar ashtray will most likely accommodate any type of décor.

What is your favorite type of ashtray?


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