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We’d thought we’d start this year off with some basic cigar advice for all of our cigar smoking friends.  If you’ve been smoking cigars for a while these will most likely come as no surprise.  However, there might be some tips here that you wished you had heard about before you were a pro.  Here at Martinez we meet a lot of people that are new to smoking and thought it would be a good idea to go over a few questions we’ve all had a one time or another.

Cigar Advice: Should I inhale cigars?

This is a personal decision, but most cigars are enjoyed without inhaling.  If you do inhale the cigar smoke you’ll be fine.  However, inhaling every draw while smoking a cigar is not recommended.  Even for the most avid smoker, it’s not going to be the most pleasant experience.  Smoking cigars should be enjoyable.  Simply draw enough smoke into your mouth so you can taste the flavor of it and slowly exhale.  This should be a smooth and flavorful experience without too much burn or foreign flavors.

What should I do with a partially smoked cigar?

Let’s face it, we don’t always have time to finish a cigar and it’s hard to just through them away.  On the other hand, keeping a partially smoked cigar is a little tricky.  If you’re able to keep the cigar in an ashtray for a few hours and come back to it that is ideal.  You want to steer clear of putting a partially smoked cigar back into your humidor or travel case.  The odor of the burnt cigar will permeate all of the other cigars and possible even your humidor or case and it will be difficult to get that out.  If you don’t have the option of resting it in an ashtray or some other safe place until you get back to it or want to pick it up in a day or two you’re better off parting ways and starting over with a fresh smoke when you have the right amount of time to smoke it.

What is the best way to store my cigars?

By far the best way to store your cigars is in a humidor.  There are many shapes and sizes out there and if you’re going to be investing in cigars you should look into getting one.  If you’re on the go or traveling you should look into getting a carrying case for your cigars.  They will keep them nice and fresh for a few days and will keep them from getting cracked or broken while moving around.  If none of these are an option simply put them into a zip lock bag and they will be able to keep for about a week depending on your environment and time of year.

What cigar advice would you like to have?  Email us your questions!


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