Buying Cigars Online

buying cigars online

This holiday season you might be considering buying cigars online, and for some of you it could be for the first time.  Maybe you’re looking for a great gift or adding to your personal cigar collection.  Whatever the case, it’s that time of year to find something new and special.  Although your regular retailer probably has some new options, going online to find something new can be very rewarding.

Here are few tips and suggestions to consider when you are buying cigars online.


Number one thing to consider when you buy cigars or anything online is trust.  You want to know who you’re buying from.  Let’s face it you’re sending your money to someone you don’t know.  You want to make sure what you ordered shows up with no unnecessary hassle.  If you’re not familiar with a brand check out their about us page, their privacy policy, the better business bureau and their terms and conditions.  Find out where they are located and where they ship from – especially if they are shipping from another country, there could be added costs.  There are many sites today that ship from various locations and it’s important to know where your items are coming from, especially if you need it in a hurry.  If this doesn’t satisfy you or if you want to bypass all of this – go old school and pick up the phone and call them.  You can tell a lot from a business by how they handle incoming calls from their website.

How to buy cigars online?

When you go into a cigar store you can pick up the cigars and smell them.  You can ask the sales rep or owner questions.  But when you’re shopping online those options are gone.  You’re at the mercy of their brand reputation, product descriptions and photos.  Another thing to consider when buying cigars online is that most websites do not sell single cigars online.  They either sell special packages, five packs or full boxes of cigars.  So if you want to try a new cigar you either will have to buy five of them or a bundled package of other cigars that you already like.  This can be a bit of an adventure, but if you know generally what type of cigar you like you should be fine.  Just don’t be surprised when you can’t find single cigars online.

Online Discount Pricing

Probably one of the best advantages of buying cigars online is that there are many discount retailers out there.  These retailers may or may not have what you are looking for if you are looking for a specific brand or blend, but they will have cigars at a great price.   As in every business with every brand, sometimes there are overstock items that need to be moved and these sites can offer a great opportunity if that’s what you’re in the market for.

Will you be buying your cigars online this holiday season?


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