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With the growing popularity of craft beers on the market these days, we thought we discuss a couple pairing tips for cigars and beer.  Whether you prefer a pale ale, IPA or an oatmeal stout there are many options to pair your favorite cigar with.  A beer is a nice choice as summer comes to an end as well just because it’s cold and nothing beats a nice cold refreshing beer.  Having the wide varieties of craft beers available makes for some fun and interesting pairings.

A good, and simple, rule of thumb when it comes to pairing cigars and beer is to try and match the wrapper with the color of the beer.  In other words, a lighter or more mild cigar is better with a lighter beer and a darker beer typically goes better with a stronger more robust cigar.  For example, a dark Maduro cigar should go well with a darker stout or Belgian style of beer.  A lighter wrapper such as a Connecticut wrapper is nice with a Lager or Pale Ale.

If you like an IPA then you’re in luck, there are many cigars in the medium to full body range that pair nicely with an IPA.  Often times the ‘hoppy’ flavor of the beer will provide a nice accent on the more subtle flavors of the cigar.  Experimentation is good with these flavor combinations.

As we’ve said before, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing a drink with your cigar.  The most import thing is to enjoy both and relax!

For the purpose of this pairing we brought together Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Lager and our own Martinez Don Antonio Escogido Torpedo MK II Claro.  What a great combination!  The dry ‘hoppy’ flavor went nicely with the crisp nutty flavor of the cigar.  The Lager’s mild hints of caramel complimented the sweetness of the Connecticut wrapper.  This is a highly recommended and refreshing combination.


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