Cigar Pairing with Gin

Summer is in full swing folks and there is nothing quite like a Gin and Tonic to cool you down.  The gin lovers out there will hopefully appreciate this post, but needless to say, gin and cigars are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pairing a drink with your smoke.

Pairing a cigar and gin can be done, but you have to have the right combination.  In general, having a stronger cigar will help stand on its own and the gin will act as a refreshing palate cleanser between puffs.  A milder cigar will most likely be over powered by the gin and you will lose the flavor of your cigar, so it’s not recommended.

Picking the right gin is important too.  We especially like the award winning Brooklyn Gin.  Naturally, we’re a sucker for all things made here in this great city and gin is no exception.  The Brooklyn Gin is a nice choice because it is made with fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper.  The gin is made in New York in small batches and you can really taste the difference.  It’s nice enough to drink straight, so if you like gin this is a great option to have on these summer nights with your cigar.  Adding a little ice to the gin helps smooth out the flavor a bit and offers a refreshing compliment to a rich cigar.  If you’re going for the classic Gin and Tonic you won’t be disappointed here – it’s a great combination.

Keep in mind there is no right and wrong when it comes to pairing spirits to your cigar.  It’s much more important to enjoy yourself and have fun.  One good rule of thumb when you’re experimenting with different spirits and cigars is to always have a solid back up so you don’t waste either one.  If you love having a scotch with your cigar, but you want to try a little gin, then go for the gin.  But make sure you have some scotch on hand just in case it’s not to your liking, you still want to be sure you enjoy your cigar!

The full bodied flavor of the Martinez Flatiron #6 Maduro is especially nice with this refreshing Brooklyn Gin.


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