Cigar Pairing with Coffee

Cigar Pairing

Coffee is one of the most versatile cigar pairing around.  You can have it hot or cold, sweet or bitter, dark or light and that’s before you even consider all of the complexities of different roasts and blends.  In many ways coffee is just a complex and interesting as a quality cigar.

Have a drink to compliment your cigar is as natural as having good company to share a cigar with.  The right cigar pairing though can make for a truly wonderful experience no matter where you are or who you’re with.  Pairing a cigar with coffee for some is an obvious choice and for others it’s simply over looked.  Perhaps you only have coffee in the morning and don’t think about it in the evening with your after dinner cigar.  If you haven’t tried coffee with a cigar –it’s certainly worth it and if you have perhaps we can offer a few new ways to enjoy both of these simple pleasures of life.


A shot of espresso goes very nicely with a cigar.  Especially after dinner and you’re a little full, an espresso can not only help digest that steak, but add a nice dimension to your cigar.  Espressos offer a wide range of high quality coffee options.  One of the best things about pairing coffee with a cigar is have a lot of control over the taste.  If you’re having a sweet cigar – just add a little sugar to your coffee.  If you’re having a mild cigar simply order a milder roasted coffee.  Coffee is a very customizable pairing option that is easy to experiment with and often compliments a cigar very nicely.


Adding Liquor to Coffee

If you’re looking for a little more relaxation with your coffee and cigar, adding a liquor to your coffee can be a nice touch.  Bailey’s or Irish Cream are some very traditional options, but depending on your preferences and the type of cigar you are smoking it might be a little two sweet.  Another favorite is to add a little Sambucca to your espresso.  Sambucca is an anise flavored liquor and the infused herbs and spices bring out the richness of both the cigar and the coffee.  There are also a variety of flavored rums on the market that go nicely with a cup of coffee or an espresso.


The full bodied flavor of the Martinez Flat Iron #6 is a nice choice to go with a medium to dark roast coffee or espresso, and can handle a little sugar or a touch of cream if that is your preference.


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