Cigar Tips: Custom Cigar Label

Custom Cigar Label

All cigar lovers appreciate a finely rolled cigar with friends and family, whether it’s their favorite brands or trying something new, there is nothing like enjoying a fine smoke with people you enjoy being around.  And it’s even a better experience when you have your own custom cigar label on your smokes.

You might think that having a custom made cigar label is something only reserved for the most elite cigar smokers or companies with lots of money.  But that’s not the case.  There are a select number of places that will design and print a custom label to your specifications.  The key is in finding a place that will not only do a great job with the label, but will also apply it correctly to a fine cigar.  Here are some tips to help you make a good decision on finding the right custom cigar label provider.

First off, you want to take a hard look at the company’s reputation for both their cigars they provide as well as the quality of the design work and label application.  A good company is going to have several reviews online these days.  If they don’t for some reason, ask them for some referrals of people who have used their services in the past.  Most places, worth working with, will be happy to provide you with some contacts so start there.

Next you want to look for an establishment that does everything ‘in house’.  There are many companies out there that offer custom cigar labels, and they simply outsource the work.  This will generally increase the price to you and often times jeopardizes either the quality of the cigar, the label or both.  Not everyone has access to good cigars or knows how to apply a label properly to a cigar.  So their only option is to buy cheap cigars or second hand cigars and tobacco and apply your labels to them.  The last thing you want is to put your name or logo on is a cheap cigar.  You’re going to want to show off your new label and share it with your friends and colleagues and you don’t want to give a substandard cigar as a gift just so you can have a custom label on it.  You should be able to have everything done right and done in one place.

If you’re not already familiar with the cigars you are considering, be sure to smoke the cigar that they are going to put the label on prior to committing to the label.  You want to make sure you enjoy it and will be proud to share it.

Finally you want to ask to see some examples of their work. If they’ve been doing custom cigar labels for a while and have a good reputation they should have plenty of examples to share with you.  Make sure the label is applied properly like you would expect from any fine cigar.  Sometimes companies will use the wrong kind of adhesive and the label with either fall off unexpectedly or will completely stick to the cigar and you will damage the cigar wrapper taking off the label.  This is a good reason to go with a company that does everything under their own control and has the experience and expertise of applying cigar labels.

If you’ve been to an event or if someone has given you a cigar with their own label on it you know how custom cigar labels are a huge hit and keeps people talking for a long time.  Use this simple tips to help you choose the right company to provide you with an excellent cigar and a professionally applied label and you will not be disappointed.


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