Cigar Weekly Reviews Martinez Flatiron Cigar

Cigar Weekly Review Martinez

The fine folks over at Cigar Weekly have reviewed the Martinez Flatiron Maduro.  Cigar is a web site that has two primary functions and a multitude of great benefits. First they are to provide information for consumers and enthusiasts, and second to give manufacturers an outlet to let their fans know what they are up to, to announce new offerings etc.

The inspiration for the site came in the Fall 1997 issue of Smoke Magazine, Lew Rothman, then President of JR-CIGARS, wrote:

“…today’s premium cigar smokers are demanding more and more information about the cigars, and the people who make them. To the readers of this and other magazines, premium cigars are more than just a product; they are an insatiable passion.”

We are very happy to have them review the Martinez Flatiron Cigar.  Below is a briefing of their review.

“Martinez Cigar’s Flatiron Maduro is a handsome cigar. It has a dark brown Ecuadorian shade-grown Habano wrapper with a matte finish, and is very smooth to the touch. The binder is Nicaraguan Broadleaf. This is a finely constructed cigar, sporting a very sharp box press with tight seams, small veins and uniform leaves. The filler is a proprietary blend of 5-year-old Nicaraguan leaves.

Using the Cigar Weekly scoring system, here’s what I thought of the Flatiron:

Pre-light – 9
Light – 9
Draw – 9
Construction –9
Flavor – 8
Power – 8
Average – 8.67

The Flatiron continues to honor Don Antonio’s memory and tradition of crafting ultra-premium cigars. The Flatiron Maduro provides a rich, complex, and superiorly flavorful smoke that, as a small batch cigar, should cast a long shadow in the premium cigar world – an iconic past and a bright future ahead for Martinez Cigars.

I recommend it.”

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Cigar Weekly Reviews Martinez Cigars


Where Can I Smoke in NYC?

Where to smoke in NYC?

If you’re visiting New York for the first time or even if you’re a local, it can be hard these days to find a nice place to have a smoke in NYC.  Gone are the days of grabbing a cup of coffee and newspaper and heading to Central Park to enjoy a great cigar.  Although smoking is banned in almost every area of the city, there are still some exceptions and we want to help you find a good place to enjoy a smoke.

For you locals you know the drill by now, but if you’re new to the City or if it’s your first time you might need a little guidance.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to answering the question, where can I smoke in NYC? – is pretty much nowhere!  Certainly not indoors in any government or public office buildings, and any public mode of transportation, including taxis etc.  The big kicker is the public parks.  All public parks have a ban on smoking which includes cigars.

There are however, a few very nice places left in New York City to enjoy a nice cigar.  Obviously, you’re always welcomed at Martinez Cigars.  We don’t have a lot of space, but we have a lot of love and always find room for everyone.  We’ll also come to you!  We do many private events including weddings, bachelor parties, golf events etc.

Some of our favorite spots in the city are Hudson Bar and Books, founded in 1990 and is one of the best cigar lounges in the West Village. The Carnegie Club is probably one of the most well-known and largest cigar bars in NYC.  It’s located in mid-town and can hold up to 150 people.  Circa Tabac, also known as Soho Cigar Bar, is one of the few places left that you can actually have a nice dinner, cocktails and a smoke.  Merchants is a great place if you’re looking for some style and class to have a smoke.  Check their website for their dress code before heading over though.  All of these places are very unique and have been around for many years.  They welcome smoking and you’re sure to have a good time!

For a complete list of where to smoke and where not to smoke check out this article by Trip Advisor.

Cigar Smoke Gives New York City Flatiron Cigar 9 out of 10

Cigar Smoke

Cigar Smoke has reviewed Martinez Cigars’ New York City Flatiron Cigar.

Despite my skepticism about a cigar (or salsa) made in New York City, I am impressed with the Flatiron. After all, it isn’t about the location where the cigar is rolled. It is all about the leaf, the mastery of the blender, and the roller. Jesus Martinez has pulled together all of these factors into his cigars. His father, “Don Antonio”, brought back to the city what was once common, and Jesus continues with the now-rare legacy.

For the price, it is worth your time and money to smoke a Flatiron. And supporting a U.S. company and employer at the same time is a nice bonus.

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New York City Flatiron Cigar

Stogie Press reviews Martinez handmade NYC Cigars – Flatiron #6

Stogie Press reviews Martinez handmade NYC Cigars.

“…how did I not know about this tiny shop in the heart of downtown Manhattan! I called my brother Tom who manages large construction projects throughout the city and asked him. He said; ‘yea, I have seen that shop, but never stopped in’. I told him you need to stop in and say hello, especially after I sampled the Flatiron #6.

The aroma shifts to a sweet syrupy note just before the band and once the band is removed the pepper reenergizes and can be felt on the retro-hale. Nice! I am certainly going to add one of these to my “Do Not Touch Box” to let it age. It is a little early to be talking about the Top 25 Boutique cigars for 2016 but this is one that would make my cut…

Wow what a terrific cigar – delicious all the way with a near perfect burn and solid ash. I was thinking about what would pair well with this and decided an aged rum or cognac would be perfect, enhancing some of the fruity notes.

Great job Martinez Cigars and thank you so much for the samples this is one cigar that should be smoked on a special occasion, of course for me, like my Dad used to say, every day is a special occasion if I wake up in the morning.”

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handmade NYC Cigars