Cigar Pairing with Gin

Summer is in full swing folks and there is nothing quite like a Gin and Tonic to cool you down.  The gin lovers out there will hopefully appreciate this post, but needless to say, gin and cigars are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of pairing a drink with your smoke.

Pairing a cigar and gin can be done, but you have to have the right combination.  In general, having a stronger cigar will help stand on its own and the gin will act as a refreshing palate cleanser between puffs.  A milder cigar will most likely be over powered by the gin and you will lose the flavor of your cigar, so it’s not recommended.

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Friday Night Fights With Martinez Cigars

Last night the Martinez crew was happy to be at the Paramount Theater in Long Island cheering all the boxers sponsored by Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing.  It was a great night of very competitive boxing with a couple of upsets and hard fought draws.  Everyone was excited to be there, and Martinez Cigars was on full display with one of their very own cigar rollers on site offering fresh cigars in between the fights.

Many of the people that stopped by the Martinez table watched their roller in action.  Many were surprised to learn that they travel around the tristate area to roll cigars for all kinds of events and private parties.  One gentleman commented, “What a great thing to see.  I’ve actually never seen a cigar being rolled before – it’s really an art.  What an unexpected surprise.”  Martinez offered four different types of medium and full body cigars of their signature blends.

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NYC Factory Partners With Star Boxing

New York, NY July 25th, 2017  ABC 7

Martinez Cigars sponsors Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing. Partnership to debut on July 28th at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, NY at the Rock’n Fights.

Family owned and operated Martinez Cigars factory, based in NYC, has entered into a joint venture relationship with Joe DeGuardia’s, Star Boxing (Bronx-bred and White Plains, NY based). The relationship aims to promote both organizations and to enhance the overall experience for their respected fan bases throughout the greater NYC area.

Entrepreneur and attorney by trade, Joe DeGuardia, has promoted numerous successful boxing stars and world champions in his tenure as a boxing promoter. He has consistently been recognized as a leader in the field among his peers. DeGuardia’s expertise in the industry has even been called upon by the United States Senate to help formulate legislation in the boxing industry. He is also the President of the Boxing Promoters Association.

“I’m looking forward to this relationship,” says DeGuardia, “It’s great to work well-established local business with deep roots, and I believe they will be a great addition to our spectacular group of sponsors.”

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Kaplowitz Reviews Martinez Flatiron

Thanks to our friends at Kaplowitz to review our Flatiron # 2.

Here are some of their notes on the cigar:

“There’s something about this offering and the its Martinez Cigars New York City Blend, that make me suck on ’em like sucking was going outta style.”

“Leathery over-top suede a-top sunny dirt, with mounting honey citrus maltiness. Mulling spice piquancy with dashes of white pepper. Cedar sharpens through the nose. Something like a mild mocha latte hithers and thithers. Quite creamy. Draw saturates admirably. Seams hold nigh invisibly. Char requires a dos re-touchos. Smooth hand/mouf.”

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Kaplowitz gives Martinez NYC Series a Grade A

Our friends over at Kaplowitz Blog have given our NYC Series a Grade A

Here is some of what they had to say:

“Creamy lo not barnacle-building tobacco core presents as inherently but not overly sweet; balanced by a subtle piquancy of white pepper which turns to peppercorn through the schnoz, and a slight mulling spice with pronounced ginger lilt. Cedar, too, is exaggerated on the retro-hale, becoming seasoned. Diner cup a’ joe. Butterscotch is on-board. Roasted salt. Leather. Under-belly is dirt with some sweet influence via baccy. Finish is a rather surprisingly complex and lengthy affair of sweet sauce and red pepper flake carried on leathery oils. Smoke stays cool as a cuke on-down to the solid nub. Pass me my tooth-pick, please.”

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